Notes about "Late Application Period" for Spring Semester 2020

19-7-23 下午6:08 作者:Admission Office, SWUFE 【

关于2020年春季季学期的“晚期申请阶段”的须知 / Notes about "Late Application Period" for Spring Semester 2020

2019年12月15日以后的申请将被视为2020年春季季学期的“晚期申请阶段”的申请。/After Dec 15, 2019, it’s "late application period" for Spring Semester 2020.


在“晚申请期”内提交的申请,我校招生办公室将根据正常流程处理申请,并审核学生背景和申请材料。 我们无法因为学生个人原因加急处理申请,请您理解。/ For "late application period" application, Admission Office will process the application based on the regulations of procedures. Therefore, we cannot expedite the processing time because of your personal reasons. Thank you for your understanding.


在2020年春季学期“晚申请期”内提交的申请,如果由于领取签证文件的时间比较晚,而导致无法按时报到,请及时告知招生办公室提交申请。同时,如果获得批准,也请务必按照招生办公室通知的最晚报到日之前来校报到。 在最晚报到日期之后,还未报到的学生会被视为弃权,并取消签证。/All applications with application fee paid online after Dec 15, 2019 are regarded as  "late application period" application for Spring Semester 2020. If you cannot register on time in Spring Semester 2020 due to the late arrival of your visa documents, you must inform Admission Office and provide detailed reason. If your request is approval by Admission Office, you still must come to register before the latest registration date as informed by Admission Office. After that date, students who have not registered will be considered as giving up the admission for this semester and visas will be cancelled as well.


2019年12月15日之前提交的申请,如无特殊原因,必须在2019年春季学期开学时按时来校报到。/ If applicants submit online application and pay the application fee before Dec 15, 2019, you must register on time in Spring Semester 2020 as informed by Admission Office.


而且,无论具体报到日期在哪一天,所有学生必须交齐一学期的全额学费,且按照规定完成本学期的学习任务。/In addition,please be aware that you still must pay full tuition and complete the studying tasks of this semester as regulated, no matter of which date when you join the class.